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Unsolicited Testimonials from Amazon Reviews of the Print Edition…

“My husband was a severe asthmatic. He had been hospitalized several times and nearly died. He was only 25 years old! After the asthma attacks, he would be so weak and debilitated he could barely walk. He was unable to work for months. Our lives revolved around his ability to breathe without wheezing. After hearing Mr. Sorvino on a talk show, I got this book for my husband. After learning the breathing exercises, my husband has not had an asthma attack in three years! Even today, he still uses these exercises. This book totally changed our lives. My thanks to Mr. Sorvino for sharing his story with us.”

“I bought this book for my sister who has bad asthma. She and her husband read the book and she started doing the exercises. She is now able to breathe easier. She found the book easy to read and the directions for exercises easy to follow”

“This may be the most valuable book I have ever purchased on Amazon, or anywhere else for that matter. Who would have thought that Paulie from “Goodfellas” would be helping me with my Asthma? I wanted to get off the inhalers and medications, or at least cut them down. Looking for a natural treatment, I found this book. Mr. Sorvino details his own struggles with Asthma, and that of his son. He then explains the breathing exercises that he was taught many years ago, and that made such a difference in his life. The exercises are easy…15 minutes, morning and evening; five minutes on the floor, ten minutes in a chair. They have really worked for me. I’m breathing easier, and I know my lung capacity has increased. I’m coughing productively with each session, and bringing up a lot of mucus that would otherwise remain in my lungs. I haven’t used my rescue inhaler in weeks. These exercises are going to be a part of my life from now on. I wish this book would come back into print. Any asthmatic could benefit from it. Thanks, Mr. Sorvino!”

“Over the years I have sent this book to many family and friends who are struggling with asthma. The exercises Sorvino teaches are not substitutes for medication, but if you do them religiously, you will see an improvement in your asthma. The good news is, sometimes for some people, medication will become a rare necessity.”

“A clear guide covering breathing exercises for both adults and children with asthma. These exercises have helped me reduce my dependence on rescue inhalers.”